Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lost Sheep

Have you ever wonder what should you do with the lost sheep? Would you think of to bring the lost sheep back? Sometimes I just wonder how to bring back the lost sheep. Bible indeed give us a clear picture that we should not give up the lost sheep. We should go and search back the lost sheep and bring them back. What should we do???

HAIZ.... Just recently, I get to talk to a lost sheep. Is been a long long time this lost sheep lost direction. And does not come back to us at all. I'm wondering, why would this lost sheep don't want to come back. So this lost sheep told me that there is something really hinder to come back to us. So this lost sheep said that can't really feel God's presence and can't really hear from God. I got STUN!! Thought for a while, what is actually that stop this lost sheep from feeling God's presence? What do you think??

One more thing is this lost sheep can't really hear what God is telling. What should I do?? Is kinda lost direction. I think I will need to do something to bring this sheep back. Otherwise will be too late. Then I should sing "Is too late to apologize..." Hahaha.... Any suggestion??

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Day!!!

BUSY!!! How can you stand a day with full pile of pending cases? I really can't stand it. Almost half dead!!

I got no idea how I really can stand the whole day. I pick up the phone, answer it. Just after hang up the call, another phone call ringing. Then pick up again, answer it. Non-stop pick up the phone, nearly become crazy. Some more I got nearly 10 pending cases on hand. I haven't get to solve it, haven't get to call customer.

Do you have the same experience as me? For the whole technical department, as if I'm the only one who able to answer the call. I find I'm tired to do so. Give me a BREAK!! Tomorrow will have to continue the same thing. What a day I have.....

Monday, July 21, 2008


Hey! Hey! Hey! MR2+ is coming. What is MR2+? MR2, the sport car? No... Is Music Revolution 2. Why a '+' sign there? Is because of the singing competition. So we call it MR2+
Come join this song writing and singing competition. It will be fun. A RM10 is applicable for a form. You will get a Faith Music T-shirt worth RM20. Don't waste your talent, we use it for God. Write a good song to praise Him. Use our beautiful voice to worship him.
Don't wait, hurry and get yourself signup. Great prize is waiting for you....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tiring Weekend

Oh boy... What a weekend I have. I did not attend service; I did not attend faith music; I did not attend worship practice. Working throughout the whole week, and now my weekend makes me tired. You may wonder where I go. Actually I have went to Selesa Hillshome for the team building event from my company. First day arrive and checked in, then straight away to the jungle trekking. If you been to jungle trekking, you will know is really go into jungle and have some fun. 

We don't even go into jungle, is already raining. After warm up a bit, make our muscle relax a bit, then started our rainy day jungle trekking. The terrible thing is I wore a pair of new shoes. And it is a white shoes. So you know what am I talking about. Walking in the rainy day, with some mud water, and so on.... At first, we walk a long way journey into the jungle. Then slowly comes the climbing part with mud. I'm wearing a shoes with flat bottom, so it means that the break for the shoes is not so good. Just imagine that you are climbing the slope with all the mud. And you need to depends on the rope to climb up. Once you are not beware, there goes slipped down the way. I have a colleague has slipped down, lucky she did not hurt herself. Just that the white pants turn to chocolate pants. Haha...

And there is a part is quite fun, with full of bamboos on top, and the slope down is slippery. Wow... I tell you, that part if you really not careful, there goes all the way down the slope. It is challenging and fun. And all my colleagues are safe and fine. We had a great fun with turning our clothes into chocolate one. Is really a tiring day. And once we get back to the apartment, I just found out that I got leeches sucking my blood behind my leg. Oh gosh... My leg is continuous bleeding. I also don't know how much blood I have lost. 

The next day, X-games. Total of 5 games, and have to finish everything. So the first game, there is a artificial laser made by the strings. Everyone in the team have to cross over the whole thing without touching any strings. Strings is everywhere. If you have watched Get Smart, there is a part where Anne Hartaway crossing the laser beam, that is the game that we are playing.

Second game, Capsule game. A capsule full of holes, and there is a ping pong ball in it. So all of us in the team have to cover all the holes and someone have to pour the pail of water into the capsule to get the ball. If the pail of water finished, and can't get the ball, that's it. 

Third game, electronic block. In front of us is full of blocks. And we have to guess which block to go to the end. Easy huh!! Is depends on how good your memory is. 

Fourth game, 2 pieces of wood. We need to make it like a bridge as underneath is a hole. So we need to cross over all people to the other side and the last one have to take away the piece of wood on the other side. Our team leader fell down 3 times, only get to cross over. Coz he is the last one to cross over. Haha...

Last one, 7 pieces of square wood. Same thing, crossing over to the other side by stepping on the wood. No leg is to allowed to leave the wood. Last person will have to pass the wood to the front and continue.

The last last one is to cross the rope. Beneath is a pool of water. Grace has take part in this round. She did a great job, coz she manage to finish it. A good start and also a good finisher. Haha... Total of 10 person from 5 groups, each group a male and a female. Only 2 female and 1 male not manage to get it crossed. So that's why I said that Grace did a great job.

Finally, finished everything. After check out, we went to have lunch in Kepong, then back home. What a tiring day I have.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Half Day in TOA

TOA ~ The One Academy
Is a place for you guys to learn design. It is really a great college that produce good quality designers.

This morning I have visited TOA for half day. They need wireless, so I'm there. Luckily did not meet up with FCC members. I went there just to do wireless testing only. You know what, it makes me like in sauna. The thing that makes me sweat a lot is have to climb the staircase in TOA. That has make me like in sauna. My back sweat till wet. Now only I know why most of the students in TOA is so fit. They will need to do exercise everyday in college. Cool!!

Lecturer in TOA are lucky then, coz they can get to online from Block J and Block I. Hehe :) So blessed. Even students get to online too. So nice, I can't even get such a good facilities in INTI Nilai. So what say you?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tiring day

These 2 days I was very tired. Why? Coz I am "kuli" to my company. 2 days was out to Damansara Perdana to change the switch fan and power. Whole day "kuli". What a day!! Some more I'm driving there with other colleagues. Hehe:)

Maybe you guys wondering what switch am I talking about? Power switch? Nope, is not a power switch, coz it does not need a fan. Hahaha... Actually is a network device which connects all PCs to a network. Before changing, we still need to unscrew everything, unplug every single network cable on the switch and take the switch out. Then still have to unscrew the cover. Finally, then only change the switch fan and also the power. After change everything, still have to screw back everything and plug back all the network cables. Die~~~

What do you think about this? "Kuli" work? I've calculated these 2 days we have changed around 30 units of switches. And the reward that we got is just a RM170+ dinner for 10 persons. Do you think that this is worth?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

House moving

Sunday is a Sabath day. But we still work. We help Sammuel move house from SS15 to Mentari Court. Wow.. I can assure you, this is the fastest house moving in my life. We have 2 cars, both are Iswara. And we have 6 people, me, Chung Hing, Jovina, Jacklyn, Sammuel and Yi Wen. We only go for one round to move everything to Mentari Court. Aren't that super fast?

All things were filled up for 1 of the car, and the rest of people sit into another car. And the amazing thing is we also go for one round moving everything from the car to Mentari court Block A, floor 13. Haha!! Never in my life use one round to move everything to another house. Through my experience, is always move a few rounds. But this is amazing....

Anyway, the fact is actually Sammuel don't have much things. So that is why we can move so fast. And manage to go to church for Captain Ball match. We started to move at 130pm, finish everything around 230pm. I still remember last time when I move from Sunway to OUG, a lot of things to move. I also don't know how I do that. If I'm not wrong, I use 2 cars and move all my things over OUG in 2 to 3 rounds. So you can imagine how much things I have.

Finally, our brother Josiah didn't manage to come over to help us out. Once he reached Mentari Court, we have already moved everything upstairs. Doink.... 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Guess where are we?

Ah ha!! A night with a full feeling dinner. Can you imagine how big portion is that? I really don't believe it. The place is full of people right outside of the street. (Is almost the whole street) Mostly people like to go there for dinner is because of the cost is cheap and portion is big. Guest what, I have ordered Carbornara pasta. Yummy!!

This is my sister. Look at her, she is so happy with the food. (Of coz enjoy it very much) Look at the drinks that they have, a big jug filled with drinks. Cool huh?? It is Lychee Special. You may drink it as your one whole meal. Haha!!

This is Chicken Chop

Fried Rice. And is

almost finish.

What are they doing? Fighting for food?

~~Guess where is this place?~~

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Korea ~ Episode 1

Korea, a country with high living expenses. Do you like the country? I still remember that I have visited Korea early this year as my company trip. Is Winter season, so it is cold.... Once we touch down the world best airport ~ Korea Incheon International Airport, you have feel the cold already. The airport is so nice and beautiful. If you got chance, you may pay a visit to Korea.

What do you think? Cold til you can see the vapour when you are breathing. Cool huh! Once we get onto bus, we went to a habour which the ferry carry the whole bus crossing the sea. We got something to do on the ferry, that is to feed the seagull. Wakaka...

The seagull is cool huh!! They will hunt for the bread or the "keropok" that you have throw to them. They hunting skill is excellent.

Korea food ~ meat and vege with some seafood; mixed and cook together. Sure you like it. But almost everyday eating almost the same food. Feel a bit bored of it.

Watch out for the next episode to visit Korea....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday I have visited Italiannies at Sunway Pyramid. The environment there is as same as the one in The Curve. The place is so nice with good music. Is a good place to have a moment of chit chat with friends while have dinner. Food like pasta, lagsana, pizza, salmon fish, lamb chop and others..... Yum! Yum!

I'm one of the Italy food lover, coz of cheesy food. I've enjoy lagsana yesterday. Is quite a big portion, and hardly to get it finished. Cheezy food. But fat. You will enjoy it. I can assure you...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One Day Visitation in Monash University

Yesterday I went to Monash University to do a site survey for IP Camera. When I'm on my way to Monash, I want to thanks God that I've used the other way to enter LDP. Accidents happened yesterday around 2 something. This accident has made a heavy traffic jam from any direction. But thanks God that I didn't really got into jam. I think you may read the new on the paper. Haha..

Along the way to Monash, it was raining all the while. Once reach Monash and meet up with the person in charge, we got to know that all wiring is done. The only thing is need to know whether the Outdoor enclosure can mount on the ceiling or not. But after I've found out the information, finally come to an end that is able to mount on the wall. So lucky that there is still a small portion of wall that can mount on it.

Actually before I go to Monash, I've asked Victor Lee to meet me up. So just right after the site survey, Victor has brought me to visit the whole University. The whole University is so big, especially the Business Faculty, is so big and beautiful. But not others faculty. Haha:)
Got to know that Journalist in Monash is using MAC to write their journal. Wow... Not even design students who use it. So you may imagine how rich is Monash.