Saturday, October 25, 2008

Final day Training

Final day of training. Finally... I have done all training and PASS ALL papers. And the best part is I get all 4 certificates. Yeah!!! Although I did not get Asia number 1,2 or 3, I'm satisfy with the result. Below is some of the pictures I've taken yesterday.

Taiwan Beer.. Look at the cup of beer. Do you believe it is like that? With a lot of bubbles and smoke on top?

Lobster in the fruit.  I've forgotten what is the fruit's name. Hehe..

First dish, cold dish. Still not bad. There is chicken, duck, seafood and...

This is the place that I have training for 3 days. For these 3 days, I have use staircase to 4th floor. Is a good exercise for me.

You should try this. Is nice. A piece of something with ham and one more thing in it. Haha..

This is a boiled shrimp. It has no taste but you may dip with wasabi sauce. And feel the taste of shrimp.

Black chicken soup. Good for health.

Shark fin soup. I think this is taiwan version shark fin soup. Haha..

Crab meat rice. Is nice and delicious.

The middle one is from Western Australia. He is originally from Zimbabwe.

This 3 guys taking picture with the beer hot girl. Left one from Jarkata, the one on the right of the girl is from UAE. And the most right one is MOXA staff.

We are about to end the party.

Food.. Food.. Food..

No idea what is this. Prawn, vege and the middle one.... Hehe..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Better Life for 2nd day Training

What is this?? Taiwan burger? I also don't know. But this is my dinner at a restaurant name "zhou fatty dumpling restaurant"

And this? I also don't know, it seems like roti canai wrap up with beef meat.

And this is dumpling dinner for me and other 5 more people on this table. Now my stomach is full of dumpling. The one on the plate is boiled dumpling. The one in the "basket" is steam dumpling. So dumpling dumpling dumpling...

Taiwan Beer. Over here everywhere is Taiwan Beer. Can't even see Tiger beer, Carlsberg and others..

What is this?? Is a embedded computer. I also don't know what it is use for. And I'm having exam on it.

This is what I had for my lunch. A plate full of food.

Morning view from my room. This is Shin Dien city. Cool huh!! A river is just right below this building.

2nd day of training is easier. At least I sit 2 papers on different sessions. Haha.. Hopefully tomorrow's training still fine for me. Anyway, you may come to visit Taiwan one day. Is a good sight seeing place and also good place for shopping for girls. Oh, by the way, if next time you want to buy girl's thing, you may online booking first. Those made booking will send to 7-11 stores that you want it to send to. So when you come to Taiwan, you may refer to that 7-11 and pay for your stock. Hope this helps you a bit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stress day in Taiwan

This is the first day of training. We got people from Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia and others. And this is my group mate. The middle is korean, on the right is Japanese, Yoda sang. On the left is Indian. And the middle with formal wear is Indonesian.

Discussion on the hands on training. Everyone is into it.

Everyone is stress during exam. We have to sit for 3 papers exam in 1 hour time. And this picture is taken after the exam. This Korean guy is not able to finish on time. Still got few more questions to go.

After dinner time. Everyone is SUPER full. Ate a lot. I've calculated that we have 7 to 8 dishes with dessert and soup. And our table is only 5 of us. Can't finish the food.

And now I'm going to look forward tomorrow. I think will be another hactic day. Do remember me in prayer for tomorrow exam. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1st Night in Taiwan

I have reach Taiwan safely. And now I'm updating my blog in the hotel. The sequence of the picture is not in order. So bare with me for it. Haha...

This is the night view from my hotel room. Although is not good enough. Actually is a bridge and a river under the bridge. The night view here is nice.

You see how big is the TV? Is BIG... And we can enjoy the TV programme here.

This is the bed that I'm going to sleep tonight. And I'm going to sleep with one of my colleague.

This is GREAT huh... A bath tub that I can enjoy so much. I may spend sometime in the bathroom already...

This is KLIA. Don't think our airport is so "low ya" o... I'm heading towards the boarding hall C35

This is the airplane that we are going to take to Taipei. China Airline... Is a Airbus and it is dark outside. A sign of raining soon.

Reach Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. We are heading to the immigration.

Claiming our luggage. And is full of ING staff. Almost half of the plane were they.

And this is the pineapple biscuits I got as a sourvenir from MOXA (the company that I'm going to have my exam). 

Tomorrow will be my first 3 papers. Hopefully can get focus on training and get good marks for the exam. Will keep update my blog for coming days.... Sayonara.

Waiting at KLIA

21 Oct 2008, 12:36pm

My position now in KLIA Mc Donald. Just taken my lunch - Mc Nugget set. Now I'm waiting for my flight to Taipei at 2:20pm. As waiting for the time to pass, I'm now accessing to internet using KLIA WiFi. The speed to internet is quite fast. Is fast enough for you to access to website and others.

I got nothing to do now, so just drop by to blog a bit. I will keep update my blog in Taipei too. So you may know what is happening to me in Taipei. This trip to Taipei will be a hard time to me as I will sit for exam for 3 days. Die hard!!! Pray for me ya..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Paradiso Italy Home Made Food Retaurant map

Since some of you were asking where is the Paradiso, this is the map. Hope you will able to see the map. As long as you know how to go Taman Desa from Old Klang Road. Then you will know how to go already.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home Made Italy Food Paradiso

Last Wednesday night, there are few of us went to this home made italy food called Paradiso. It is actually locatedat Danau Business Centre, Taman Desa. If you like Italy food, this is the place you can visit. Is not bad, all home made.

Yum! Yum! This is nice, full of cheese. Try it and feel the taste of the cheese. I can assure you that you will like it very much.

This is lagsana. If you don't like pasta, pizza, or others. You may try this lagsana. It taste good. This is a beef lagsana. It has also chicken lagsana.

Frapuccino, I'm not sure what it is made of. But, it taste not bad.
Besides, it has other drinks like coffee, ice blended xxx, even soft drinks.

It is made of brinjal slices and others. 
Sorry that I've forgot the others. haha...

This is the mushroom soup. It is delicious. Must try this.
You will love it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kim Gary Mid Valley

This is what I order in Mid Valley Kim Gary. Yin Yong beef slice rice. You might wonder how come there is a prawn there. Haha!!

Guess what is this? I have no idea also. Coz 
is Grace order one.

And both of us have cold "yin yong". Hehe..
The only thing I'm not satisfy is the environment of Kim Gary in Mid Valley. It is HOT!! It seems like you are paying for extra service, that is steam bath. Wakaka... And some more it was raining outside. The weather is cool outside, and is steam bath inside. What do you think?? Don't believe it? You may have a try. Let me know if you feel cold inside too. Hehe..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Money Not Enough 2

This is the mother of 3 sons. A mother who is so blessed to have 3 sons to take care of her. But at the end of her life, she was not taken good care. Some more is been throw here and there among the 3 sons. This happens once she has sickness. At the end, she choose to end her life for the sake of saving her grand daughter.

This is the eldest son. "Why I got saman?" "Give you saman is my job, if not satisfy, can go to the court. And let the judge do everything."

The younger son who get the 2K from his mother. How come this guy like that one?? His wife is not good. Too selfish, everything is on his own first.

This is the youngest son. He is the one who started with selling pollens. Some more some one is rich because of him.

This is the wife for the 2nd one. So nice....
You need to watch this movie. Is really GREAT!! If you know Hokkien language, that'll be good.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Korean Food dinner

Korean is always so polite. I love their service. Although they open restaurant in Malaysia, they still giving the best service they have for the customers. Never like Malaysian, don't have to say more la... Once me, Grace, Vui Theng and Gabriel (B'day boy) enter to that restaurant, all waiters and boss greet us. And we were directed by the waiter to our seats.

We ordered quite a lot, as you know, Korean always serve customers with a lot of side dishes. Is A LOT. Can you imagine that the whole table is full of plates? Haha... That's the point. FULL of dishes. We ate beef, pork, pancake and others. I can feel the fullness of my stomach. Phew... Luckily we manage to finish the food. Even right now, I still feel full. Don't know later I can sleep or not. 

When we leave the restaurant, boss and other waiters send us till the lift. Until we went into the lift and close the door. Wow... Where can you find such a service in Malaysian restaurant?? Once we stand up and leave our seats, they say "Thank you" to us. Such a good service. If you ever found such a service in Malaysian restaurant, please do let me know. I would like to visit them too...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Streamyx Problem

Hi everyone. Have you wonder why sometimes when you on your router and you are not able to go internet?? Here is some tips for you to troubleshoot on your own.

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Connections > Local Area Connection > Support
2. Look at Default Gateway, remember the IP address
3. Open Internet Explorer, type in the dafault gateway IP
4. Type in the username and password for the router (usually is admin and admin / admin and no password)
5. Check the Status page whether the PPPoE is connected
6. If it does not shows you any IP address, you may call to Streamyx to check whether is account session hang

Streamyx hotline: 1300 88 9515
- Press 2 for English
- Press 1 for Streamyx
- Press 3 for Customer Service

Just tell them that you suspect your account session hang, and they will do the rest for you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

How important is communication??

I think communication is the most headache thing to say about. Most of us thought that we have the ability to talk to others is sufficient enough. But we seldom think of the skill to communicate. That's why sometimes we might end up in troubles thereafter. I believe most of us have such a problem in our daily life. But what is exactly causing us to have a bad communication with others?

There is a lot of things could cause bad communication actually. Using SMS (Short Message System) is the worst communication medium. I find that SMS is not so good to communicate with others. This is because SMS is meant for short message, is not meant to have a long message. A lot of important message might miss out. Or sometimes even worst, forgot to send the text to some of the people. But why still a lot of people prefer SMS? Maybe convenient? Maybe scare to talk in person? Maybe get used to it already?

Email is one of the good communication tools. Though is good, but sometimes is may turn to bad. Why? Have you ever think of working in a company, seldom talk to your boss, and most of the time on email? This is quite bad. But in contra, email indeed is a good communication tools for writing mail.

Phone calls is a better communication tools. Anything URGENT, just give a call to someone. Not like last time when there is no phone, you need to use pigeon to send your letter. Haha... Most of us nowadays will own a handphone. And that's where phone is a good communication tools. You may call to anyone at anywhere and anytime.

But, most of us does not like to talk face to face. Why???