Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DC-10 Airplane

Let's talk about airplane. What kinda airplane you know? Boeing? Airbus? Twin Otter? DC-10 from MacDonnel Douglas? Haha.. Yesterday I've watch national geographic on DC-10 airplane. This plane really make a big incident happened in 70s. A deadliest air crash died of 346 people in 1974. If you look at the number of passengers, I think you will get shock. Just imagine that you are sitting on a Boeing, or Airbus, and get crashed.

This incident happened is due to the cargo door is not well designed. The door is opened outwardly and not like others opened inwardly. And the pin lock is not properly locked with this kinda design. I get shocked when I saw such a design. How could a aircraft producer taking risk of the people's life? Very first incident just happened with 60 over passengers in 1972. The plane's cargo door just blew off at certain altitude. And there is a big hole which suck the things out. Lucky that the captain is able to control the aircraft and landed safely, there is no people injured or died. 

After that incident, they were asked to modify the door. BUT, next incident just happened like that in 1974. Door blew off, and the captain fail to control the plane and get crash into forest. No one survive through that incident. Later on in 1979, same aircraft happened again. It lost the first engine and makes the plane lost control due to some reason. 271 on board passengers plus 2 on the ground died.

Can you imagine in 70s to 80s, such aircraft company choose to make money and forsake the life of people? Luckily we are sitting on Boeing or Airbus. Not MacDonnel Douglas aircraft.

Friday, August 1, 2008

What is the right choice?

IS me again. Recently, I felt that there is a big mountain in front of me. I don't know how about you guys? I felt that God is training me in a tough way. Suddenly changes happen in my share group. I don't know whether is a good sign to me. I feel like want to know what is happening in others' share group. What are you guys doing normally in the share group? I'm still actually thinking of a way to improve. 

If one day, one of your member tell you that he would like to quit share group because of not really like the environment. What would you do? Some more he said that he don't like the environment since few months back. And I don't why he tell me out of a sudden. How would you handle such issue? Hmm....