Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Is been a long long time I did not post my blog. Now is the time I should post some during my lonely time in Maxis MEASAT Hub.

These few days I was joining Maxis Roadshow in Sibu and now in Maxis Hub in Cyberjaya. As if I'm one of them. Actually we are doing this roadshow to introduce VSAT service by Maxis. And my company is trying to bundle the VOIP, IP Cameras device with their service. I find that is interesting because you may monitor remotely anywhere you like. As long as you have their Satellite service, you may monitor it. Interesting?
During the time in Sibu, is so tight schedule for the testing. And we have some issue on VOIP, I just don't get it why is it so. It was so nice and perfect when testing in Cyberjaya hub, but not in Sibu. I have scratched my head, and still can't find out what is actually causing this thing happen. During the actual event itself, it makes the whole situation even more nervous. The speaker of the VSAT solution integration even nervous as the VOIP is not running well. The only issue that face is actually the only one of the party calling has sound but not the other party calls.
It's same goes to KK event as well. My colleague Kelvin is even nervous on this. And it happen to make us use VPN connection to establish the video calls. KK event is more serious as there are YBs will attend the event. So have to make sure that everything is running well. Really sweat for this morning. Lucky everything goes smoothly and runs well.
Give thanks to God for everything through this Maxis roadshow.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Life of Benjamin Button

~~The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.~~

Yesterday I've went to Cineplex to watch this Benjamin Button. I've got many good comments on this movie, so I went to watch it. I don't know how would you think of the life of Benjamin Button. But for me, I would think that it will end up in a very SAD scene if there is such curious case happened. Life of Benjamin is not easy. When he was delivered, he looks like a monster as the look of the baby is so old. Everyone loves baby as it is cute. But for Benjamin is the other way round. Even his father don't want to raise him up.

He was then raise up by a couple which is kind hearted. Strong in believing God is the most high. Benjamin was growing up, and his mother has the heart to raise him. God has a great love in this lovely mother. She teach Benjamin every single thing that he need to. Although he was not learning in school. His look has made him not to go to school. A young child, but an old man look. If you were him, what would others think of you?

His life experience is so bitter. He was a sailor before. And his first time of anything in his life was taught by a captain. Even he go through the war, a hard time of overcoming that period of war when everyone on the boat dead and left him alone. All these, he has to experience by himself. No one lead him.

Romance life in him is great. A lovely girl name Daisy is his wife. They get along together and stay in a double storey house. They even have a daughter. And bad things happened when they just started a family life. Benjamin has to make a cruel decision to leave Daisy and live alone. Becuase of his age is making him look more younger and younger. Day by day, he went to visit many countries as he could. Life getting shorter and shorter. He came back for Daisy when he is 50 over years old. And his look is just as handsome as a young boy who is in his tertiary studies.

15 years later, Benjamin has become a young boy. Memory not as good as a young boy. He tend to forget a lot of things like who is him, what is his name, why did he live in that old folks home. Times go on, getting older he is, getting like a baby. And slowly, de died as a baby on Daisy's hand.

Life is short. But is not to expect to die as a baby. Everyone of us will go through the stage of life. How meaningful could you live in your life? How colorful can you make your life is? How can you contribute to this world? The history of your life is in the hand of God. Live as much as like Jesus as He want us to. I believe that God has His plan in us. Love your life and don't mess it up. May God bless everyone of us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MOXA IOLogic Training

Today I had a long way training from morning till evening on MOXA IO Logic device. I just get to know this device and also get to known how powerful it is. After run through the whole training, I find that this small little device called IO Logic can do much more thing that I can imagine. The main 3 fields that this thing can do is already covered most of the so called "Automatic" respond.

1st, it covers intrusion and detection situation. Thing thing can install in anywhere whereby if you would like to know whether your property which located outside is been vandalised by someone. You may install IO Logic inside the box and when the sensor detect someone who open or damage the property, it will send a SMS or even email to you.

2nd, it covers unman situation. Meaning to say that when there is no one in a room to monitor certain devices like PLC or even in your house would like to set it like a smart home. This can be done with the using of IO Logic. You may set perhaps the aircond will automatic switch on during night time. Or the lights will automatic turn on at night. All such automation may be done by using IO Logic.

3rd, it covers water and waste water treatment. This is important that you may see the water treatment may involve a lot of process in order to get rid of the waste water. So if there is no one who stay at the treament plant to do this, you may use IO Logic to do automatic process.

With such a GREAT device, I can see that it is potential enough in a lot of areas. Nowadays, every process you may want it to be automatic. Or you may want it to cut cost, this is it. IO Logic. You may visit to www.moxa.com.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

What would you do during Valentines day? That's a good question, isn't it?

Everyone in this world would like to give the best to their partners. So you would see a whole big group of couples would prefer to go to have a sweet sweet dinner during that night. Then you will see the shopping mall is pack with these people. Night with full of couples. And there's where the people will contribute a bit and make the economy recover a bit from the big wound. Haha..

For another group of couples, will prefer to get marry on 14 February ~ Valentines Day. Phew~~ Many people love to do that. This will even make them won't easy to forget when is their anniversary for their marriage. Isn't it good? When the whole world as if they are celebrating with you at the same time too. A pretty good idea on that to marry on Valentines day. What think you?

For me, everyday will be Valentines day. As long as you can meet with your partner everyday and treat her good, that would be it. As for Valentines day, I may sacrifice a bit to make her happy. But for this year, so sad that can't celebrate on Valentines day itself. As it's on Saturday, and I have to attend worship service. And my Valentines celebration is in church. Yeah!!

I hope that every couples will take their relationship seriously. So that there will be no "Sad" case happened. Wish everyone in the world a Happy belated Valentines Day. May God's blessing be upon all couples in the world.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Headache day

I felt I'm so tired today. These few days some more is quite hot if you realize it. But the worst of all is I'm so busy in the office. Don't know why out of sudden, there are so many case to follow up. What do you think? Just after a long long CNY celebration? Haha...

Indeed really I'm so busy. Till I really got no time to do other things. I just need to support on the phone, solve customer's problem. That's it man, I'm so busy for the whole day is just to support.


Once off work, I went home with Grace. After done everything, we set off to church for church wide prayer meeting. A long long prayer meeting. I was late for it. But quite enjoy for the whole prayer meeting. Is quite true nowadays that young Christians seldom pray. You may ponder on it, how long you've never pray to God?

Although is economy crisis time, but we know that God is in control of the whole world economy. We must rely on our faith towards God to press on and overcome such a problem. I believe God knows it, and He allow to happen. What think you? If you are the one who affected, will you press on and overcome it? Hehe...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 Chinese New Year

Year 2009 Chinese New Year

Do you feel the atmosphere of Chinese New Year? Don't know whether is due to economy crisis that cause the atmosphere decrease. This year, me and my family is celebrating Chinese New Year in KL. There's nothing much in KL for CNY. Very quiet. The only thing that we've done is to have a great CNY eve dinner together. The rest of the days, feels nothing. Maybe just visited the shopping mall around. But, not many shops open during CNY.

But these few days, Left 4 Dead is haunting us. There are few of us who visited cafe for 2 to 3 days. Is just because of this game. Shooting zombie. If you have chance, may go to cafe to try out this game. Is not bad if you like first person shooting game.

Anyway, I wanna wish everyone a Happy "Cow" Year and God bless everyone.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008!!

Today is last day of year 2008. What have you done for one whole year? There are a few things I want to give thanks to Lord in 2008.
1. Company trip to Korea in March (Winter Season)
2. Climb Mount Kinabalu with colleagues in July
3. Trip to Taiwan
4. Christmas Manna event
5. Love Actually Concert

All these successful events, I want to give thanks to Lord as He is in rule of everything.
In the year ahead, there is still many things more to go. I really pray that God will continue to guide me into each and every steps in year 2009. Wish all of you a Happy New Year.