Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MOXA IOLogic Training

Today I had a long way training from morning till evening on MOXA IO Logic device. I just get to know this device and also get to known how powerful it is. After run through the whole training, I find that this small little device called IO Logic can do much more thing that I can imagine. The main 3 fields that this thing can do is already covered most of the so called "Automatic" respond.

1st, it covers intrusion and detection situation. Thing thing can install in anywhere whereby if you would like to know whether your property which located outside is been vandalised by someone. You may install IO Logic inside the box and when the sensor detect someone who open or damage the property, it will send a SMS or even email to you.

2nd, it covers unman situation. Meaning to say that when there is no one in a room to monitor certain devices like PLC or even in your house would like to set it like a smart home. This can be done with the using of IO Logic. You may set perhaps the aircond will automatic switch on during night time. Or the lights will automatic turn on at night. All such automation may be done by using IO Logic.

3rd, it covers water and waste water treatment. This is important that you may see the water treatment may involve a lot of process in order to get rid of the waste water. So if there is no one who stay at the treament plant to do this, you may use IO Logic to do automatic process.

With such a GREAT device, I can see that it is potential enough in a lot of areas. Nowadays, every process you may want it to be automatic. Or you may want it to cut cost, this is it. IO Logic. You may visit to

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