Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

What would you do during Valentines day? That's a good question, isn't it?

Everyone in this world would like to give the best to their partners. So you would see a whole big group of couples would prefer to go to have a sweet sweet dinner during that night. Then you will see the shopping mall is pack with these people. Night with full of couples. And there's where the people will contribute a bit and make the economy recover a bit from the big wound. Haha..

For another group of couples, will prefer to get marry on 14 February ~ Valentines Day. Phew~~ Many people love to do that. This will even make them won't easy to forget when is their anniversary for their marriage. Isn't it good? When the whole world as if they are celebrating with you at the same time too. A pretty good idea on that to marry on Valentines day. What think you?

For me, everyday will be Valentines day. As long as you can meet with your partner everyday and treat her good, that would be it. As for Valentines day, I may sacrifice a bit to make her happy. But for this year, so sad that can't celebrate on Valentines day itself. As it's on Saturday, and I have to attend worship service. And my Valentines celebration is in church. Yeah!!

I hope that every couples will take their relationship seriously. So that there will be no "Sad" case happened. Wish everyone in the world a Happy belated Valentines Day. May God's blessing be upon all couples in the world.


R.S. said...

Amen. Amen.

samenduck|samenmouse said...

get marry on valentine day...not bad wor...but onli can get one present onli....for 2 events...hehe
ya..everyday its valentine day