Monday, June 30, 2008

Rainy Day

Rainy day. The whole day for Sunday afternoon till night was raining. What will you do when is rainy day? Sleeping? Watching drama series? Eating? Staying at home do nothing?

I would rather stay at home if is rainy day. Feel lazy to go out too. Why should I go out if it is raining? If is raining in KL, everywhere is traffic jam. Go shopping during weekend? I don't think so is a good idea. You might not able to find parking either. KL people love to shop during weekends. So is a bad idea to shop during weekend for me. 

I have watch the whole day of drama series at home. Watch 6 to 7 episodes a day. That is too much. I still remember my college time, I've use 2 days to finish off 100 over episodes of series. This short one is easy job for me. Haha... So what about you? Watching Spain Vs Germany match in the middle of the night? Hooray for SPAIN!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

VOIP Testing in ACN

VOIP ~ Voice over Internet Protocol
SIP ~ Session Initiation Protocol
I was testing VOIP in on of our dealer company for the whole afternoon. The funny thing is I will need to test with softphone. You may ask what is softphone? Softphone is a software phone which support SIP protocol. I find that there are a lot of problem when testing with softphone. All sorts of funny problems arise. Robot sound, can't listen to the voice of other party, can't register back from outside.... I was troubleshooting these in ACN from 3pm to 8pm. What a day!

But in the end, finally I manage to get the testing done smoothly. I have tested SJ Phone and X-Lite Phone with ACN staff from other places, it works perfectly. But if I test with my colleague from office, weird thing happened. Is either the SIP server shows registered but not my colleague's softphone; or, both were not registered. I got no idea on why this happened. So I've decided to report this to our principal from Taiwan. What a day!!

Any idea on what is happening?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Share Group ~ 26 June

~Share Group~
Share group, a group of people which have meeting together and share their needs, their problems, God's word and everything. You like it? Come to join us. We share something on Change. I think is something interesting to share on. 

Just like recently, we have a big change in price hiking. Could you take that changes? I believe everyone is struggling with this big issue in every single corner of the world. Not everyone can take that changes. That's where crimes rise up. You may see a lot of crime happened around your area. Just recently, you may have heard someone drove a excavator and drive away an Auto Teller Machine. What a crime. Haha...

So are you struggle with price hiking? If you are the one, try to take that changes. If you refuse to take it, the outcome of changes is always there.

"Lord, I pray for your blessings flow among the nations in the world. Pray for the people to overcome their problem and needs. Help them not to choose the wrong direction of changes, but will be on the right track. In Jesus name. Amen."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

MVEC Wireless Site Survey???

Is been a long time I did not blog. Part of it, LAZY. What a man, been dragged by LAZY for long long time. Luckily awake from LAZY, will blog for the rest of my life.

MVEC basically stands for Mid Valley Exhibition Center. Hmm... What a good name ya. But it has 3 exhibition halls only. Before leaving to Mid Valley, rain drops in KL. What a day!! Driving journey takes me 30 minutes. Once reach MVEC, me and my colleague waited for 15 minutes for them to come over. Guest what, 1 chinese guy, 1 malay guy and a malay girl reached us. As per usual, exchange name card. (That is what we always do when we meet up customers)

MVEC, a small exhibition center. Not like KL Convention Center exhibition hall, long and big. For this, is smaller and has 3 halls. We took 30 minutes to get the wireless site survey done. Haha!! We went for drinks at Starbucks The Garden. Cool huh!!

Life is like that. We have to enjoy once a while. Don't always work and work and work. No good, no good. Everyone, let's work hard and enjoy life together.