Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008!!

Today is last day of year 2008. What have you done for one whole year? There are a few things I want to give thanks to Lord in 2008.
1. Company trip to Korea in March (Winter Season)
2. Climb Mount Kinabalu with colleagues in July
3. Trip to Taiwan
4. Christmas Manna event
5. Love Actually Concert

All these successful events, I want to give thanks to Lord as He is in rule of everything.
In the year ahead, there is still many things more to go. I really pray that God will continue to guide me into each and every steps in year 2009. Wish all of you a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Musical Invitation ~ 24/12/08

FCC Christmas Musical on 24 Dec 2008

Do come and join us for this coming Christmas. It will be AWESOME with your participation. It will be GREAT and BETTER than High School Musical. Invite your friends and family to come for this event in FCC at Bandar Sunway. If you do not know where is FCC, below is the map:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Moments at customer's site

Today is a very headach day for me. This is just because of the customer is very long winded and always drag my time. It is the second time I went to this customer's site. First time went, it was in the late afternoon. And that has cause me OT till 830pm only left the customer place. I thought this time I am smart enough to make it as early as I can. But at the end, still it drag my time till almost 5pm only leave the customer's place. What the hack is this??

I reach customer's place around 11 something. Then I started to configure what ever is needed. And tested 1 round with it. So roughly afternoon 12 something I was done with everything. Just left the minor thing haven't sort it out. So the customer already asked us to go out lunch with him. At first, I thought it will be fast lunch. But, that bugger has drag my time even longer. First, he said that he will go to his friend's place to borrow something. So stopby that place, we waited him for around 20 mins. Then we go to fetch his friend out for lunch. So we stopby another place, and waited him for almost half an hour. Then finally only we go for lunch.

After lunch, he need to send his friend back to her office. OK, fine. But after that, he decided to go to DiGi center to ask something. At there, it took me another 30 mins to 45 mins for that. Oh man. He really can drag all my time just because of he is long winded, and also "ah mo". Haha... Never in my life, seen such a man. Are you also one of them???

Monday, December 1, 2008

Confirmation Service

Finally I'm confirmed as a official Anglican church members. Praise God for that. Yesterday I had a wonderful confirmation service. I was confirmed by Bishop Moon Heng. And the feeling is so great. When I was infront, I'm a bit nervous. Till the moment when Bishop lay his hand on my head, I felt a strong power which is pressing me. Coz I felt that as if I'm gonna fell down. But that is the greatest moment I ever had. Hehe...

Right after the confirmation, we went to FTZ for final mission for Theodore. That is to play Counter Strike. Haha.. Confirmed, then kill kill kill... What a good one. Felt so headache after playing CS for 2 hours. And there goes our brother Theodore. He has left us. Will be missing brother Theodore.