Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time fly very fast

Just recently, I got to sit down for a quiet time. And I think about this year, it really flies very fast. Just can't imagine how fast it is. But it is very fast. Now is already mid November. 2 more months later, is already Chinese New Year. Have you really sit down and think ahead of the years to come? Plan ahead to for your marriage? Plan ahead to buy a house? Plan ahead for your career?

I have a cousin which same age with me, he just got married last Saturday. And his wife used to be my friend back in Sandakan. And now, I have to call him "ah sou" Hehe.. Things change very fast. Even right not, petrol price going down. US new president, Obama. Daily goods price up. Economy crisis which cause Malaysia stock all goes down. All these things happen just too fast.

I just hope that things will go fine after that. May God bless Malaysia.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sickening week

Since back from Taiwan - a tiring trip, I'm sick. My eyes is red, my body is weakening, my throat is sore.... And all my friend has accompany me for a week. Just recently, I found out that these friends has visited a lot of people. So I think is time for us to take good care of ourself. Otherwise will get in touch with these friends. And now I'm getting better, just need to have more rest and drink more water. Hope that you guys do the same too. Don't invite these friends to accompany you ya...