Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Is been a long long time I did not post my blog. Now is the time I should post some during my lonely time in Maxis MEASAT Hub.

These few days I was joining Maxis Roadshow in Sibu and now in Maxis Hub in Cyberjaya. As if I'm one of them. Actually we are doing this roadshow to introduce VSAT service by Maxis. And my company is trying to bundle the VOIP, IP Cameras device with their service. I find that is interesting because you may monitor remotely anywhere you like. As long as you have their Satellite service, you may monitor it. Interesting?
During the time in Sibu, is so tight schedule for the testing. And we have some issue on VOIP, I just don't get it why is it so. It was so nice and perfect when testing in Cyberjaya hub, but not in Sibu. I have scratched my head, and still can't find out what is actually causing this thing happen. During the actual event itself, it makes the whole situation even more nervous. The speaker of the VSAT solution integration even nervous as the VOIP is not running well. The only issue that face is actually the only one of the party calling has sound but not the other party calls.
It's same goes to KK event as well. My colleague Kelvin is even nervous on this. And it happen to make us use VPN connection to establish the video calls. KK event is more serious as there are YBs will attend the event. So have to make sure that everything is running well. Really sweat for this morning. Lucky everything goes smoothly and runs well.
Give thanks to God for everything through this Maxis roadshow.

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